Don’t miss SailGP tonight!

Tonight at 10pm BST SailGP hits the Big Apple…  The teams have been training up in this unique location, a very unique challenge as explained by the skippers:

In the last event; unlike the light airs event in Sydney, the famous San Francisco sea breeze made for some seriously fruity conditions, including many spectacular crash downs. A result of ‘foil ‘caviation’ where the forces on the foil create so much pressure the water literally boils around it! Check out the highlights below.

This time, even though the forecast isn’t quite as breezy as San Fran, the boats will still be reaching 40+ knots on the Hudson. Finding the good wind will be key here as New York doesn’t have the luxury of consistent thermal winds like San Francisco – instead the breeze bounces off buildings and the terrain creating some tactically challenging conditions.

We’re also only a few weeks from SailGP Cowes and still have availability on our spectating packages – get in touch for details. Like San Fransisco, Cowes enjoys consistent thermal winds so the racing is pretty much guaranteed to be very exciting to watch!