Team Sailing

It’s all about the Team!


Recent years have seen a marked increase in the number of team events that we have provided here at Solent Events. Companies are recognising the benefit in getting their valued employees out of the office and onto the water to effectively meet specific objectives. Putting a group out of their comfort zone can be a great way of breaking down the barriers of age, gender and seniority and promoting teamwork.

team asiling

Adding team challenges into our days on the water often helps to cement relationships and build trust between colleagues. Sailing is a great example of this as making the boat go in the right direction relies on input from the whole team in the same way that successful businesses operate. We always say that 2 boats equals a race!… and when this occurs, each of the teams needs to communicate clearly to gain the advantage. With rare exception, we see mild mannered, sedate guests turn into savagely competitive beasts when the starting horn sounds!

team sailing yacht event

We deliver our team events on a varying scale from fun team reward to facilitated team-development with pre and post-event analysis. All of these days include an element of fun and most guests leave with a sense of achievement having learned new skills from our friendly and patient crew.

team beach image

As well as sailing, our Rib Treasure Hunts are another great way of making a team work together. This fast-paced activity will test general knowledge, creativity and collaborative thinking whilst satisfying even the most hardened thrill seekers! Whilst the sailing is more often than not a full day activity, the Rib Treasure Hunts can be tailored to tighter time restrictions as many occur before or after a team meeting or conference.

Rib team building activity

Get in touch to see how we can help with your team event. We can take care of everything including conferences & meetings, overnight accommodation and transport, so you can concentrate on the day job!