It’s time for teambuilding…think Sailing!

Many companies historically hold or participate in events because  they have always done so, or just because they can. Due to the current economic ‘situation’ in this post recession climate it is imperative that businesses hold events that have objectives and outcomes to achieve.

So put yourself in a manager’s shoes (if you are not one already!)… For the year ahead you need your team to clearly and effectively communicate and plan how they are going to achieve their objectives and targets…what better way to encourage and emphasise this than a sailing day out on the Solent.

Sailing is a fantastic natural platform for team development. A yacht is a great leveller for all heirachy from directors down to junior male and female staff, breaking down any barriers that may subconsciously exist. A team will be successful in sailing not from physical strength, but through the ability to plan and communicate a clear process involving all team members.

So why not give it a go! Contact Solent Events