No Mans Fort in the Solent

No Mans Fort

Solent Events recently visited the amazing venue that is No Mans Fort. The 4 storey property certainly ticks the UNIQUE box,  located in The Solent, just 1.4 miles from the Isle of Wight. Arrive by Rib or standard transfer from Portsmouth. 

No Mans Fort in the Solent

In addition to the incredible views, the outside space has a firepit, hot tubs, sun deck and not forgetting the forts own lighthouse.

Inside you will find a light conservatory style foyer, games room, laZer battle and sauna and treatment rooms.

With 22 chic bedrooms the fort is a great location to escape to. The main area’s are suitable for up to 200 guests for lunch or dinner events. ¬†
DSC_5667 view
NM ConservatoryNM Nice boat wineNM BedroomNM Bedroom bath