Summer must finally be here… surely!

. . . time for a ‘Keel Over’ Cocktail

After a long week or great day on the water, nothing quite hits the spot like a sundowner with great company. Just recently our fresh and fizzy cocktail (coined the ‘Keel Over’ – we can’t resist a good sailing pun!) has been just the ticket. Deliciously refreshing and stupidly easy to make, this strawberry and basil concoction is the perfect drink to toast at the end of a summers day. Do be warned though – it slips down very easily!


The 'Keel Over' cocktail

'Keel Over' cocktail ingredients


For Two ‘Keel Over’ Cocktails


– 6 strawberries (& an optional extra two for garnishing)
– 6 leaves of fresh basil
– ice
– Gin – Preferably from our friends at Slingsby Gin (supporting partners of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week 2016)
– Prosecco


'Keel Over' cocktail preparation


'Keel Over' cocktail pouring


 Top the glasses up with prosecco

Putting it all Together

1. Mash the strawberries and roll the basil in your hands to bring out the flavour.
2. Put both the strawberries and basil into the cocktail shaker along with ice and 100ml gin and shake! *
3. Throw a few cubes of ice into the glasses before pouring the shaken up mixture in. It will be fairly pulpy so it may take a few seconds to strain through.
4. Top the glasses up with prosecco and, if you’re feeling fancy, garnish with a strawberry and a sprig of basil.
5. Serve ice cold. Best consumed by the water’s edge.

*If you like things a little sweeter, add a dash of caster sugar or sugar syrup at this point


'Keel Over' cocktail - Cheers


'Keel Over' cocktail


'Keel Over' cocktail


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Please drink responsibly.