The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

Solent Events’ official charity is the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, a national charity that rebuilds confidence after cancer, using sailing to support, empower and inspire young people aged 8-24 in re-engaging with life and embracing their futures with optimism.

When a young person first sets sail with the Trust they are in the very difficult process of trying to put their lives back together after cancer.

Through sailing and outdoor adventure trips, young people can rebuild the confidence to get back into education and employment and to make new friends, all with the permission to have fun and enjoy being the young people they still are.

Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

An incredible transformation takes places during Trust trips as the nervous apprehension from the start of the week is replaced with a buzz of excitement, confidence is regained as the young people leave feeling much more optimistic about their future.

90% of young people felt that they had gained confidence after their trip one young person commented: ” The trips give me the opportunity to have a lot of fun – something that I missed out on when I was ill, it’s not just sailing there are a lot of other activities that build your confidence and you feel like you were never sick” 

One of the highlights from the week is often the exhilarating rib rides provided by our Solent Rib Charter brand. Frank Fletcher, Trust CEO commented: “We’re incredibly grateful to Solent Rib Charter and their awesome crew who take the young people out on the highspeed ribs, hearing the squeals of excitement and seeing such beaming smiles is priceless.”

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If you would like to help more young people positively embrace their future after treatment, use the link below.