The Power of Sailing

Here at Solent Events we talk about sailing – a lot. We talk about exciting global race events coming to the Solent, about the fantastic sailing days you can enjoy with your colleagues, your guests, your clients.

Sailing is fun, sailing is being at one with the elements, working as team, getting the best out of the boat and yourself – and it’s so much more than “just” racing and events.

Getting the best out of yourself is a task for life, what we should always strive for.  Sometimes things happen that make it hard to find a way or the strength to do so. 

When you are a young person, a child, a teenager and you get cancer, everything you know changes; it can take away your confidence, your friends, your strength – everything. Its impact carries far beyond treatment and recovery; the effect on mental and emotional well-being, on educational achievement, will influence a young person’s future. Feeling empowered again, feeling part of a group, not feeling like the odd one out, being understood, are all vital elements to being a happy, confident human being.

Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

The fantastic Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust delivers just that – through their sailing trips for young people with cancer and those in recovery, children and teenagers regain confidence, independence, friends who understand, a sense of belonging, and, ultimately, happiness.

The Trust organises trips and major events for the young people affected by cancer, trips to support their siblings, trips for those with severe mobility issues – they launched two specially adapted yachts to ensure that young people whose mobility or sight have been affected by their treatment, can also benefit from the healing powers of sailing together. 

The testaments from the young sailors are wonderful to read and truly harness the Power of Sailing.

“There is no need to explain to anyone that you have had cancer, everyone is in the same boat.”

What started with 10 participants on 2 boats in the 2003, has grown to 650 young people benefiting from sailing and adventure activity trips in 2019.  As Dame Ellen MacArthur explains in “Better Connections, Bigger Impact”, the Trust’s ambitions for 2020-2022; the Trust makes a difference to many lives, yet the ambition is to make meaningful connections with even more young people – for every young person supported by the Trust, there are nine who aren’t. Yet.  The Trust wants to further improve the impact of its work and make a difference to more young lives than ever before.

If you know a young person that could benefit from the Trust’s support, if you could volunteer your time and expertise, or do anything to raise funds for this fantastic organisation, please contact or click the above links for more information.  To make a donation through their website, please click here.

Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust