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What does an Event Management Company actually do?

If you have ever wondered what an event company actually does, we have written this short article to give you a bit of an insight into what event management means to a marine events company like Solent Events. 

Several yacht and powerboat charter companies will provide a boat for a day or period of time and many will supply professional crew and catering too. In our eyes, this is not really what we call Event Management. Our services go well beyond this, starting by ensuring that we listen to our clients exacting objectives and use years of experience to recommend the event that works best for their needs. Location can also be key to the success of the event and unlike many providers, we’ll start our events from wherever required and find suitable resources to deliver them to the highest standards. Royal Ocean Racing Club catering

Travel to and from our events is a consideration as well as overnight accommodation, dining and meeting/conference spaces. All these things can be taken care of as part of our standard service and passed on at competitive trade rates from a wide range of tried and tested suppliers. We know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t, to ensure that you look good in front of your invited guests. Careys Manor

Branding can be key to some events so we provide a wide range of options from yacht branding, flags, banners and team clothing to shore-side parties and product launches, all handled by our experienced team. Cloudy Bay Musto Jacket

Of course, you can put all this together yourself, but consider the time and effort needed and what if you get it wrong? Any given event can include multiple venues, tens of suppliers, hundreds of guests and often one person within your company that needs to coordinate the day or days. We trust you’ll agree that some things are often best left to the professionals! When we say ‘full event management’ we mean it! Put us to the test and we’re sure you’ll appreciate the difference.Rib Transfer