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Corporate Sailing Racing

Sailing racing days are competitive, good fun and popular corporate events. Learn the basics before putting them into practice in fun racing between teams. In common with all of our sailing days, they are thoroughly enjoyable even for those who have never sailed before.

See more on our Team Sailing Race video.

Luxury Sailing

We provide a range of Corporate Sailing Days on beautiful yachts of up to 110’ in length, including a matched fleet of modern 49’ & 54' yachts with extraordinary levels of comfort. Boats are fully staffed and equipped for sheer indulgence - ideal for providing hospitality to important clients or for spoiling staff!

We also provide Corporate Sailing Days for Cowes Week.

Corporate Team Building Events

Sailing is the perfect team building activity as it combines learning of new skills and brilliantly shows the importance of working together. At first groups struggle to master their individual roles, but improve surprisingly quickly as they grasp the importance of clear, precise communication. Crews are very pleasantly surprised as their overall performance improves exponentially...

By the end of the day the team will have perfected their timings and techniques, and the difference is remarkable. Manoeuvres begin to feel like clockwork and teams relish the satisfying feeling of effective teamwork – if you’ll excuse the cliché, it really is synergy in action!

Include a Rib

Any company sailing day benefits from the inclusion of a Rib powerboat; these multi-function boats will allow you to get the most out of the day. A Rib adds flexibility in case a guest is running late or needs to leave early, a Rib allows a greater number of more intense races with proper start lines and race courses, and chance to have high-speed Rib blasts makes these powerboats well worth the extra cost.

Tag on a meeting or conference

We are very experienced at facilitating company meetings or conferences alongside a marine event. We enjoy great ‘trade rates’ for many south coast hotels close to marinas, and we take care of all of the detailed arrangements as part of our service.

To find out more about our Corporate Sailing Days contact us on 01590 674900 or via our enquiry form.

Get in touch with Solent Events

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