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This is a unique opportunity to sail on the UK’s fastest offshore race boat and one that will only be experienced by a very privileged few. Normally the preserve of the world’s best and most experienced sailors, this all carbon fibre marvel of modern technology flies with a top speed of 40 knots!

For the 2019 season Concise is in refit, watch this space for availability.

Mother ship

Concise 10 is offered together with a classic 75' Nelson powerboat which will act as mother ship whilst we use smart Ribs to shuttle guests between the powerboat and Concise 10.


This will be an extraordinary day suitable for entertaining at the highest level. The hospitality we provide during the course of the day will be commensurate with the overall event.

Group size

This event will be suitable for groups of any size up to 40 guests. We rotate onto Concise 10 for the sailing experience in groups of 6. Concise 10 will have a professional crew on board.

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