Teambuilding /Team Building Events

Water based events make for exceptional corporate team building events.  The very environment conveys an unspoken understanding that the sea is a place for the team rather than the individual.

Extraordinary level of interaction

We guarantee an extraordinary level of interaction, and esprit de corps within the first 60 minutes! Follow these links for our water based teambuilding events:

Delegate and communicate

Boats are great levellers. It is thinking rather than strength that counts. The teams need to plan, assess individual capabilities, delegate, communicate and then evolve a clear robust process.

Additional elements

The events with Treasure Hunt elements are just as beneficial but with a slightly different emphasis. Tasks range from the logical to highly creative. Only the teams who asses the different skills within each team and maximise their potential stand a chance.

Great fun as well

Boats are inherently great fun!  These are days that your team will really look forward to. We are able to adjust the dial subtly to position each event exactly as required within the team building spectrum.

We have a strong team building background. Please contact us about your objectives, the time you have available and your budget to help us recommend the right event for you.

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